Principal Investigator

Lamya Karim, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Bioengineering, UMass Dartmouth
Affiliate Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, UMass Dartmouth
Research Collaborator, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Office: Textiles 214
Phone: 508-999-8560

Dr. Lamya Karim holds a B.E. from Stony Brook University (2007) and a Ph.D. from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (2011), both in Biomedical Engineering. Her research interests focus on skeletal mechanics, particularly as it pertains to osteoporosis, aging, diabetes, and other health conditions.

Courses taught: Biomechanics (BNG 315), Biomedical Devices (BNG 416/516), Mechanobiology (BNG 425/525), Laboratory Instrumentation (BMB 530)


Graduate Students

Taraneh Rezaee.jpg

Taraneh Rezaee, MS

Taraneh is a Phd student in Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology. Her BS and MS degrees were also in Biomedical Engineering, where she spent more than ten years studying the mechanical properties of biomaterials and worked in biomechanics laboratories. She is very interested in tissue engineering and the biomechanics of human tissue. Her main passion is to do research on new topics that can broaden her horizons. Whenever she can find some time to spare, she loves to go swimming and play the guitar.

Rachana Vaidya pic.jpeg

Rachana Vaidya, MS

Rachana is a PhD student in Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology. Her BS and MS degrees are in Biotechnology. She is curious to know more and study about life not seen by the unaided human eye. She has worked on studying gene expression in Malarial Parasite. Her research interest lies in, but not limited to, evolutionary biology, molecular biology, and gene expression studies in humans and other hosts. She loves exploring new areas of research and development to gather knowledge. Her research is driven by the goal to make a positive difference in the world. In her free time she enjoys doodling, painting, reading sci-fi novels, and writing short stories and poems.

Tianna Edwards pic.jpg

Tianna Edwards, BS

Tianna is an MS student in Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology who is an aspiring biomedical engineer and medical doctor. She thoroughly enjoys research and participating in advancements that are currently taking place in the healthcare field with hopes of making her own contributions in the near future. She considers herself an awkward lab rat who is into cosplay and Magic the Gathering. She also loves reading books and playing volleyball.


Richard Bender pic.jpg

Richard Bender

Richard is a senior Bioengineering student who is interested in biomechanics and is working on discovering other areas within Biomedical Engineering. He likes to travel. In fact, he went to Borneo this past summer and explored a lot of wildlife!


Undergraduate Students
John Riordan
Zachary Herrera

Graduate Students
Jacob Aaronson, MS
Matthew Phou, MS


University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

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