Senior Capstone Design Projects

bend a bone team.jpg

BEND-A-BONE TEAM (2018-2019)

Our team is fabricating an interchangeable 3- and 4-point bending fixture for small bone specimens that is compatible with a Shimadzu AGS-X mechanical testing load frame and includes a specimen hydration system. (From left to right: Sarah Brown, Bryan Allen, Haley Matthews)

Cutting team.jpeg

CUTTING JIG TEAM (2017-2018)

Our team is 3D printing and building an adjustable device that integrates with a band saw, and that can be used to cut large, irregular shaped bone specimens needed for various types of research projects. (From left to right: Alec Riendeau, Jake Aaronson, Eliza Marks, Andrew Ahrens)

Bone notcher capstone team.jpg


Our team is 3D printing and building a portable and adjustable device that integrates with a low speed saw and can be used to create small controlled notches into human bone specimens for fracture toughness testing. (From left to right: Talia D'Ambruoso, Nengi Charles-Ogan, Luc Pierre-Louis, Eddie Floyd, Mekides Mezgebu)

MATLAB capstone team.jpg


Our team is writing comprehensive, easily modifiable, and user-friendly MATLAB code to calculate key mechanical properties measured from mechanical tests of various different configurations. (From left to right: Sydney Patten, Brenna Callahan, Uzo Nwankwo, Rob Estrella)


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